VA Loans

Simply put, a VA Loan is the best loan program out of all the options available but it is only available for those who served in the armed forces. If you were ever in the service, it is likely that you qualify for a VA loan. VA loans allow a $0 Down Payment. While the VA does charge a funding fee (a fee charged by the VA that is rolled into your loan amount), it does not have any monthly mortgage insurance. VA loans offer some of the lowest rates possible and when you combine that with no mortgage insurance, you find yourself with a monthly payment that is much lower than the other types of loans. If you qualify for a VA loan, then your choice is pretty simple as a VA loan is a "no brainer."

We are able to prequalify VA loans down to a 580 credit score. We can contact the Department of Veteran Affairs to determine if you are eligible for a VA loan. For disabled veterans, there are also some other benefits available. While we work hard on every single loan, we take great care to go out of our way and provide exceptional care for our Veterans as we are very thankful for their service. 


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