Why Use A Broker

At Ridge View Mortgage our only job is finding you the best loan program available. We are independent and do not work for a one particular lending institution nor are we tied to just one product line. Since we are unbiased we can search all lending sources and find the best possible rate currently available.

Our skills go beyond shopping for the best available financing, we use our expertise to present your loan application in the best possible light in order to obtain optimal financing.


Comparing Ridge View Mortgage with a standard bank

Ridge View Mortgage

  • No origination, processing or underwriting fees
  • Access to your loan officer and loan processor beyond banking hours
  • Often easier to qualify with our access to multiple lender
  • Available 24/7 via text and e-mail

Standard Bank

  • Origination fees, processing and underwriting fees
  • Usually unlicensed loan officers
  • Stricter qualifying criteria
  • Only one lender with set interest rates
  • No communication outside of office hours

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